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It’s knowing what someone wants and offering it to them

But the cleverness is in finding out that that elusive *thing* IS first! I don’t always know straight away, as people don’t always tell me in the first conversation, so I try to have subsequent chats with them and remember past conversations to add to that stock of usefully stored information. Having a good memory for that, and being genuinely interested in the many people I meet and talk to,  is certainly an asset of mine.  Which is why I’ve found that my painting “Guardian Angels” is the best selling Limited Edition print this week! And only because I remembered that someone I spoke to a few years ago was really interested in having a version of it repainted, when funds enabled him to do so, then soon after he split from his wife, and had financial problems, although he’s not wealthy at the moment, he is certainly incredibly interested in having a Limited Edition print of his favourite painting of mine! And was delighted I’d rung him to ask the pertinent question. Yay! That’s part of what I try to do for those interested in my work – make it as affordable as their circumstances allow. And then, to add to the delight of the day, I had a really lovely catch-up conversation with a collector of my artwork from Chicago, who totally out of the blue he said he wanted a print of it too! I love it so much when people have the emotional connection with my work, they *get* the messages in the paintings or drawings, and feel a strong attachment to the artist, and her work. But more about that in a bit…..

Yesterday I happened to be in in the delightful market town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch (its a fab name for a place isn’t it! I love it!) on a fleeting visit to the printers, and remembered that (one, of my many) cousins works in one of the charity shops there so popped into see her on a whim. She was as delighted to see me as I was her as I put my smiling  head around the door, and after hugs we had a catch-up chat about each others lives, and other members of the very extended family we’re both of part of. She asked about my art and I talked about it, and she asked if I advertised in the area, I mentioned that I used to in one of the coffee shops but they lessened the active hanging space they had allocated me, forcing me into a corner, so to speak, upstairs, near the toilets,  and since that, quite understandably wasn’t generating any sales,  it was time for me to leave and move my stuff on elsewhere, and I’m currently looking for other more appropriate places, preferably nearer to the seating areas and away from the toilet door! She nodded, and then suggested I might be interested in talking to the local W.I that she’s part of about my art, I’m certainly interested in the prospect of that I told her……. its all about networking, so that more people are aware of what I do. Its not always the pictures that bring in the work, sometimes its the words, spoken, emailed, recommended by others that do the advertising!

Whilst I’m on roll for sorting out long-standing-outstanding jobs – I rang a factory today to request a visit to their premises to see how they produce their products. Although I didn’t talk to the guy whose name I had been given on the suggestion of my hairdresser I had a chat with someone else who worked there who who said they’d be happy for me to do that, but could I leave it til after Christmas since they are in the process of moving premises and it would be a better visit for me if I left it til the new year. That’s fine, I’ve got enough on at the moment to leave it a while. I’m excited at the prospect of it- and will be like an excited ebullent child in a sweet shop there, looking at all the  pretty colours. And the products they sell? Something that I will find incredibly stimulatingly wonderful – no its not sweets, chocolate, or lingerie, or food of any description, or alcohol, or shoes. No, something far better than that for me! It’s…………Paint…… yep, that’s right, paint, in tubes, for artists to paint astounding pictures with! Ooowwhhh! E.x.c.i.t.i.n.g !! (Well, it is for me!). Just think, whole brimming vats of turquoise, cadmium orange, deep alizarin, sap green, gamboge yellow, burnt sienna, burnt umber, cobalt blue, viridian,  egyptian purple, paynes grey, french ultramarine,  yellow ochre, quinacridone yellow! I’m salivating at the thought of em all! 🙂

And the thing that I was going to tell you about, is something that has touched me hugely this week. I asked an artist friend the other week to do a recommendation for me on Linked-in, which he has forwarded on to me. This is someone who moves  in high art circles, someone who is an extremely talented and accomplished artist, who I admire greatly both as a person, and as an artist, someone who’s judgment I trust  greatly. And this is what he has to say about me…..

“I have known Jackie for a number of years and found her to be a really great person to be around. She is enthusiastic, professional and willing to learn and tackle any subject in her art career. Jackie also writes well and her blogs are of great interest and hugely entertaining. Her artwork is daring, exploratory and diverse. She has the determination and confidence to succeed in everything that she does. A credit to all women artists!”

I’m humbled. And, also greatly inspired! Thanks Chris! You’ve made my week.