Strangedaze in stargazing pie

Published on 27/10/2011

Somedays just start strange. Some days start strange, and get stranger, and this was one…

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Communicating through the heart through art

Published on 25/10/2011

I’ve painted many pictures for a lot of people in my life. I’ve painted a…

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Imprinted on my heart

Published on 21/10/2011

It wasn’t a date as such, but it had been planned that we would meet,…

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Vibrancy and colour in a prime location

Published on 19/10/2011

The workshop was about “Colour in landscape” so I’d got two clues as to what it…

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Tightening the loose elastic

Published on 14/10/2011

I always think of drawing skills as a piece of elastic. It always there, but…

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Printed matter if it matters

Published on 11/10/2011

When I set up the new website recently I knew that even though it was…

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Insights into my world

Published on 07/10/2011

Sometimes when it’s time to write a blog post, there’s an easy subject to write…

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I’ve never seen her before in my life

Published on 05/10/2011

He arrived on my doorstep today, as we’d planned. And I knew before he had…

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Hoxton to Portobello but Sh!

Published on 02/10/2011

Well the weather couldn’t have been better for a trip to London on Friday. My…

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