Talk to the face

Talk to the face

Its been a really busy week, too busy to blog, but now I can catch up with my communications… Although it was *communications* that has taken up the majority of my work for the last few days, culminating in last night when I did my talk for the lovely WI ladies of Long Whatton in rural […]

Finding the right words

Finding the right words

The last couple of days I’ve been putting words together. Lots of words. Lots of words that I’ve used before, but now in a slightly different order. And with other words inserted. There have been lots of insertions……. Because I am doing a talk soon for the Womens Institute, and need to get the right […]

Fifteen minutes of fame

Well, I’ve spent the weekend fine tuning the talk I’m going to do at the library. And it’s been interesting for me to consider, because it’s making me think about what I am, and what I do. You’ll be thinking I’ve got the start of Alzheimer’s now I’ve said that! But, what I meant, is that when […]


I had a chat with Stuart earlier, he wanted me to know that he’s written an article about his experience of being drawn by me, for the local paper. Although they have accepted some articles he’s written, they aren’t so sure they’ll publish the one about me drawing him in the nude……. I can understand […]

Strange forays

Last night I did something very strange. I quite often do strange things, by various peoples standards, but last night was odd, even for me. I went to talk to a lot of vanilla people about a subject that wasn’t vanilla! I went to talk to the WI about being an Erotic Artist. Its a […]

Jam and naked women

Why is it that I’ve been painting for years, have had a website for over five years but its only since I’ve told people I’m an erotic artist that their interest in me has manifested itself? Mmmm…. I wonder why! So last Saturday night whilst I’m standing chatting to friends in the pub, someone introduced […]