How Uncanny!

How Uncanny!

At a social event over the weekend I bumped into a married couple who are friends of mine and who I’ve not seen for about a year. We kissed and hugged in greeting and after catching up with each others news the guy sat down next to me to ask how my artwork is going. He always asks this when I […]

I’d almost forgotten

My Christmas was good, as good as I’d hoped for. Quiet on the day itself, which is what my man and I had wanted as it was our first proper Christmas together. But after that, we had various visitors, including my new muse and her husband. I always enjoy their company, as much as they […]

Hope springs eternal

I could have spent the weekend drawing, or painting or doing something productive. Well, actually, I thought I was doing something productive since I was helping to steward a local art exhibition that I was exhibiting at. And it rained… No, to be more precise, it pissed it down. So for the two and a […]

Split second decisions

Having spent the last two weekends gallery sitting I’ve had time to sit and surreptitiously watch the viewing public in an art gallery setting, and what surprised me most was how short a time people spend actually looking at art. Some people were taking two to four SECONDS to look at each painting! Now, I […]

Holding the dream

I’m always busy with art, but never too busy that the prospect of a new commission doesn’t excite me greatly. Last weekend I was gallery sitting for one of the many exhibitions I’m part of over August and was delighted that a woman expressed interest in the two tango paintings I had got there, amongst […]

Words that turn me on….

………”The Arts Festival thanks you for your submissions to the Open Art Competition and Exhibition and is delighted to exhibit your work”…… such sexy words – along with “Hi Jackie, we’re interested in a painting of yours that we’ve seen recently and wondered if we could come and see it again?” – Oh yes!!! Course […]


I spent all morning yesterday sorting out three paintings to enter into a local art competition. The pictures were already painted and framed, I just had to sort out the details for the stipulations for entering them in the competition – on the back of the painting had to be the name of artist (I […]

Another Horny session

After the great success of the drawing session with hornymaleuk the other week, he’s requested a repeat performance with me. I’m touched and delighted that he wants to meet again. I thoroughly enjoyed our previous time together, and the experience of drawing him, complete with the restrictions of not revealing his public face (and body!). […]