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I’d almost forgotten

My Christmas was good, as good as I’d hoped for. Quiet on the day itself, which is what my man and I had wanted as it was our first proper Christmas together. But after that, we had various visitors, including my new muse and her husband. I always enjoy their company, as much as they appear to enjoy ours. But it is sometimes in quiet moments that I look at her and view her beauty on an appreciative level. And it was at one such moment on this visit that I looked at her upper lip. And noticed it had the tiniest of points to it, almost imperceptible in its delicate formation. I know that it was the angle of the light that had caused it to be noticeable for me – and I commented on it to her. She heard me and listened to me waxing lyrical about it without much of a realisation of what I was referring to – but perhaps its an artist thing that the tiniest details are suddenly of great interest to be explored and examined in minute detail by serious study. I was pleased when I thought about it afterwards, because it meant I was training my artistic eye to see again…. 

We talked of many things during their visit, but it took me my surprise when she said that her mother had asked me if I could do a print of the painting I’d done of her. It took me aback to be asked. But why should it? I paint. I sell my artwork. I sell the originals and prints. It was a typical question to ask of an artist and one I’ve been asked many times before. But, with all that has been going on in the last few months, I’d almost forgotten that I’m in the business of selling artwork! So, the answer was “Of course I can do a print, what size does she want?”

Other visitors came up from Essex to stay overnight with me, and the woman in particular enjoyed looking at the artwork I’d got hanging on the walls, and asked to see specifically the room where I paint. I took her to show her my studio , and we talked about art and painting as part of our varied conversations on many subjects. And again I was taken aback when she said in the last couple of hours of her visit “I wish I lived closer to you, I know you could teach me a lot about painting”. I looked at her with some small surprise. Of course, I could do that. I could teach others to improve their art….

So, now I’ve been artistically prodded, I need to start focusing on it again! To get back into my arty life!!