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Vanilla land hiding Spice world

I’ve had some very candid and interesting conversations recently with a variety of individuals that has led on to me thinking about the different lifestyles that people have. The majority of the populace seem to live ordinary lives, doing the usual vanilla things that make up their world, and consider that any pictures concerning people in any state of undress are basically disgusting, and they’d far rather have a pretty landscape hanging on their wall any day. A very few extrovert people like to live alternative lives, and are happy to advertise to the world their various kinks and fetishes and don’t care who knows. Then there is the other group – the ones who appear on the surface to be vanilla but underneath, hidden away in the depths and recesses of their lives, they have kinks and fetishes and dark desires too, and like the spice that makes up the variety in their lives, but can’t afford for the rest of the people in their world to find out. So they keep it secret. They’re the interesting people… with fascinating diverse secrets, and they’re the ones I’ve been talking to recently about erotic art, fantasies and fetishes. They tell me their desires, and I’d love to paint them……

I was told once, by a guy who did a lot of work in the houses of celebrities and rich people, that famous people with lots of money have whatever sexual or pornographic art they want on the wall because they’re not concerned about what the neighbours or Mother-in-law will think. They do it because they can. And we probably all would, too, in their position. So, is the art we put on our walls, what interests us? Or what we think we should be showing to the visitors to our homes?

4 thoughts on “Vanilla land hiding Spice world”

  1. I can relate to this. My day to day business life and family life is totally vanilla. However, in private I can be very spicy, as a few people already know!

  2. Lucy Felthouse

    Interesting comments my dear… when I get my own place let’s see what makes it onto my walls!

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Lucy – I fully expect your walls will be dripping with highly erotic art, and can I paint it for you?!?

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