Almost there

The response is good, the feedback positive. But it’s not quite complete yet. A few more changes, and hopefully it will be finished then. I always have mixed feelings about my art – I put as much as I can into it, of myself, invariably have positive feedback (actually, I can’t remember when I last […]

Going up in the world

I had a real good painting session yesterday on the Royal Crescent of Bath painting that is my current commission. It’s taking longer than a painting would normally do, but that’s because of two reasons, which together make a larger practical problem. Firstly, its in oils, so its taking ages to dry between stages, and […]

Explanations and updates

New friends came to visit last night to have a drink with me and my man and chat about life, generalities, specifics, people, work, families, hobbies, and all other diverse subjects, and have a bit of a laugh as well, as is usually a case of a social visit. They hadn’t been to my house before, but they did know […]