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Almost there

The response is good, the feedback positive. But it’s not quite complete yet. A few more changes, and hopefully it will be finished then.

I always have mixed feelings about my art – I put as much as I can into it, of myself, invariably have positive feedback (actually, I can’t remember when I last had negative feedback, other than someone being upset by their feelings over my Enigma painting because they didn’t like the faces in it because of what it reminded them of – so, that doesn’t count, as such..!). And then, when artist and client are happy, the painting goes to live with them. I always feel a little sad when it goes, but also am happy that it will give others happiness through viewing it, so it has to leave me, for that to happen. But then, I can look towards the next idea, the next painting, the next commission. And I am always excited at the prospect of that! 
But sometimes I see some of my paintings when I go to visit friends, and that is always nice for me too – like visiting old friends of my own! Twice this week, that has happened, and I like to see my art, and to hear from my friends how other people in their lives have looked at the paintings and been affected by them in a positive way. But art does speak to people, and I am always astounded when I hear someone say that they have never thought of art, or paintings, and don’t have an interest in it. Surely, all of us have ONE painting that we want depicted, one thing that is the most special thing of all, to us, for us to look at daily, and get mental sustenance, inspiration, hope, happiness, pleasure, and a feeling of loving fulfillment from. It doesn’t matter if that painting is a special place (whether its Naples, New England, Nagasaki or Nuneaton), thing (motorbikes, mangoes, military mustard pots or Ming vases), person (lover, lovers, loved, lost, or liked), or action (sky diving, skiiing, sailing the Seven Seas, sewing sequins, shampooing the cat), we all want something. I just want the opportunity to paint it for them.
I am pleased my contact in New Zealand is still interested in my career and where it is going. We spoke briefly this week on the phone, early morning for him, late night for me, catching up on each others lives. His affected stupendously recently by the earthquake there, and listening to his voice as he described it brought the enormity of it all into my life.  
Friends visiting last night were eager to see how the Royal Crescent at Bath painting had progressed since their last visit a fortnight ago. And I was more than happy to show them, although I explained it wasn’t fully completed yet…

People come into my life, and some are affected hugely by my art. My life is my art. If I can affect them, through what I paint, I feel I have achieved part of my lifes plan. And, that’s got to be a good thing, surely?