The birth of siblings

Well, I’m happy. And Fitzy’s happy. So, that’s good then isn’t it!? The pictures are finished. The “Tarse” and “Fitzy Living flame”. And they look good together, I’m happy to say, so that last week of me brightening tiny areas of colour, increasing tone, and keep putting the two paintings side by side to see […]

Keep going

Well Fitzy’s Living Flame painting is coming on nicely. I’m really pleased with the figure, and think I’ve added some more excitement to the painting than was in the original working painting that I did a few weeks ago. All to the good! But I also have to consider the “flame” part of the painting, […]

The perfect orgy

He stood alone at the bar as I walked in. I saw him straight away. He may have been waiting for me, maybe…………. I went over to him, smiling, and said hello, then “Well, how did you get on at the orgy?He grimaced and said “It was awful!”“It was?” I wasn’t expecting this response, “Why?”“It […]

All together now

I’d like to thank the kind commentators on my last blog post, at least I have a better understanding of what you all think about me. Its been most interesting for me to find out. I know I know some of you in real life, some of you I don’t know so well, but I […]