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The birth of siblings

Well, I’m happy.

And Fitzy’s happy.

So, that’s good then isn’t it!?

The pictures are finished. The “Tarse” and “Fitzy Living flame”. And they look good together, I’m happy to say, so that last week of me brightening tiny areas of colour, increasing tone, and keep putting the two paintings side by side to see how they looked as a pair has really paid off. I’m delighted. Its been three months of hard work, on and off, in the production, and I think Fitzy and I had a few weeks of discussion before that before I even started the painting. But he tells me he’s thrilled with them, and that’s what matters! That means I can relax, with a warm feeling and content smile, and know I’ve done a good job on them. And I also know that the finished painting is far better than the original working painting. There are more subtleties in it, and the flame is more fierce around the body. I think it adds more to it because of it, especially as its a man in the painting, it makes it more masculine and strong, I think. My favourite bit is the bum on it – the way the bright colours add form and interest.

I’ve shown the “Fitzy Living Flame” here on its own, and also along with the Tarse painting so you can see the comparison. They are bright and beautiful, vibrant and strong, and although the “living flame” style of painting is subtle it stands strong against the bright and vivid abstract of the Tarse painting. And it certainly didn’t when I originally *thought* I’d finished it! Of course the canvas’s also bring out the colours of the acrylic paint, which you can see when you look at them in real life but they look slightly muted in these photos. They are painted on box canvases, and I explained to Fitzy that the paintings go around each of the four sides of each painting which I think gives it more of a 3D effect when its hung on a wall. I also had to put an “optical illusion” in the “living flame” painting. As you can see the painting stops just below the knee, if I had carried on the natural tapering of the calf, the picture would have looked like his legs were “pins” and would have looked really silly. So, I had to carry on the calf at the same width when the image carried over the edge to give it more substance. No one would notice particularly when its hanging on the wall, but it would have screamed out as a glaring error, if I’d done the natural taper.

And just as a matter of interest, to me anyway, I have shown two women friends, on two different occasions this week, the two paintings, and asked what they thought, and both liked the “living flame” painting best, particularly the bum on it (!) and NEITHER could see that the abstract was a “willie”. Not at all. Now, that interests me, and delights me. That was exactly the response I want – the shape IS hidden! YAY!!!! I’ve done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “The birth of siblings”

  1. Yes.. I much prefer the living flame painting, if I had to choose that is. I can't actually see the second one is the man's 'tackle!' But I don't tend to find myself studying that type of body, I much prefer a full blooded woman!! Now that's way more interesting from my point of view :->

  2. Hello Jackie,

    As you know I really am thrilled with both of the paintings, and my drawing as well, lets not forget that!

    I certainly appreciate all of the effort and hard work you have put into them, especially with the recent changes you made to "Living Flame" to make sure it wasn't overpowered when hung alongside the Tarse painting, so once again thank you very much!!!

    Whilst I love them both, if forced to pick a favourite out of two, then like your friends I would have to pick "Living Flame" as I think it has the most wonderful quality to it and the colours flow together so beautifully. But I guess this is hardly surprising given it was my love of your original "Living Flame" painting that lead me to commission the pieces I have. It is only a pity your second model doesn't look so good as the first one! Although from the comments it seems you did very well with my bum! lol

    You certainly did an amazing job with hiding my willie if neither of your friends spotted it, hence why it is a fantasy willie! lol So well done you! I guess knowing what it is will always mean that those in the know can always spot it for what it is instantly, so it is great to hear that those that don't are not able to do so. I guess the large size of the canvas makes a difference as clearly size wise if is so out of proportion whereas the smaller photos on here are more in keeping hence perhaps why it is more noticeable.

    Thank you once again


  3. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Yes, I think most people prefer the living flame painting best from what I've heard so far.

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Fitzy – Well, I'm absolutely delighted that you are thrilled with all the artwork I've done for you, thankyou!

    Yes, the living flame style certainly is popular, and a very subtle way of painting which is why its so effective. And I think the second model looks really good regardless of what you think! 🙂

    I think that's right re spotting the subject of the fantasy willie. The canvas is large, the colours are bright and I went to some length to try to hide the image for what it is, to confuse the viewer, so I am delighted that my "tricks" worked!

    Thankyou, I've really enjoyed doing them for you!

  5. Spiky Zora Jones

    i'm withn indigo… well not with her as per say…like I'm hee in the states…not that I wouldn't love to be thwere though.

    I like the flame thoughit was easy for me to see the cock…bte I loved how you have the samll man in it too.

    damn…you are talented. I love your work.

    When will you paint yourself honey. I think it's a fab venture…your style of art…go abstract if you like. i bet it would sell at one of your arrt shows.

    fab art jackie…thankk you for sharing. xxx

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – Hope to meet you if you do come over some time though!

    Glad you like both the paintings, I think its important to have the small man in the tarse painting as a reminder of what it is about (same as the fantasy fannies have a small woman hidden within the image).

    Mmm…. painting myself! I know that would be SO difficult, but….. maybe I should! 🙂

    I think this abstract style IS very popular and appealing and I hope it does sell at my art shows.

    And, thanks as ever for your kind comments, Spiky!

  7. The combination of the two, side by side, is awesome! Realism/Abstract of the same person! I can't say that I like one more than the other after seeing them together. The stronger tones in Living Flame was a better way to go than to have muted the Tarse. Well, IMO!

    Fantastic work (as always!), Jackie!

  8. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – Aw, thanks!!! I agree, that realism and abstraction of the same person is a really interesting artistic exploration.

    And I also agree, that the tarse's strong colours had to stay, and the living flame picture was the one that had to be adjusted to match it. Vibrancy is good. Pale wishy washy colours not good!!! LOL

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