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All together now

I’d like to thank the kind commentators on my last blog post, at least I have a better understanding of what you all think about me. Its been most interesting for me to find out. I know I know some of you in real life, some of you I don’t know so well, but I may know some of your real names as well as your blog names, so I feel I know you as people even if I haven’t seen you in real life. I might have only met you once or twice, but I feel that you are all friends, if not friends in the traditional sense of sitting down together with a cup of tea or glass and wine, and sitting chatting together. Communication doesn’t need to be face to face to work, or to be understood. Or for a feeling of trust to be there. So, thankyou. I really appreciate it.

I’ve met some good friends through blogging and certainly through my art. I suppose that’s because the people who want me to paint for them, or want to buy my art from me, are on the same wave-length and that’s how we become friends. I like that! Very much.

And I suppose that’s how I became to have lunch with Stuart and his wife yesterday. We had a really lovely time, he’s lively company, full of clever wit and banter. He likes the fact that I drew him naked, and is often quoting things about his nudity and my having seen him like it. It amuses him and makes me smile.

I suppose its all quite normal for me.

And my friend in America and I have been discussing the sex industry in Las Vegas quite happily too this week, talking about the pretty escort girls being advertised but not necessarily the ones that appear at your hotel room when you ring for a prostitute, about nudity in some of the swimming pools, about exotic dancers and call girls.

It all makes for interesting conversation.

So last week I was chatting to a guy in the pub. Someone I’ve met a couple of times, and who I like chatting with. And he and I were talking about our week and what we’ve been doing, things and people, the normal stuff. I told him that I had finished painting my first “fantasy willie” and he was interested to hear about it. Then I asked him what he was doing over the weekend. He paused. And quietly said “I’ve been invited to an orgy”. I don’t think he was expecting the answer he got from me, it took him aback somewhat. I looked him in the eye and said “How interesting! How did you get involved with that then? Where is it held? How many people are going? Have you been to one before? Can anybody go? What are the rules? Is it gay or just straight? ” And he smiled gently and quietly answered my questions. He said at one point ” I can’t believe I’ve told you this!” and I smiled and said “Ah, but I’m not giving you the reactions most people would, as I am GENUINELY interested to know all about it!”

And I think it was at that point that he quietly said “Why don’t you come with me then?”……………

Post script: I think I must be the only person who, when invited to an orgy, thinks of it as a marvellous business opportunity! The ultimate life-drawing session (presuming I can draw fast enough! LOL ) and the absolutely ideal place for my “fantasy fannies” to hang on the wall!!!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “All together now”

  1. Well that would be interesting Jackie! I've been to a S&M club… lots of things happened, and with some very interesting people too. It's amazing to find that your local judge or superintendent is dressed as a female.. just think a man in a frock Lol. So will you be attending with your pencil at the ready? And as you say.. draw quick. I have to admit I only ever went once and it was as a voyeur.

  2. Spiky Zora Jones

    I say go to it…I've never been to one…though I've been with two guys at once…and two girls at once. Never any more than that…at the ame time, that is. hehehe.

    I say go and then come back and do a post on it.

    Oh and don't forget to take your sketch pad and camera.

    I was invited to a wife swap…but declined…I said thanks, but…no. Thanks for asking.

    I won't do that with people from my work…Oh no.

    fab post sweetie…ciao.

  3. It seems as though you may well have had an interesting weekend then!

    But as you say, think of all those potential new customers!

    Indigo – I shall send my best frock to the cleaners! lol

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