Going to the dogs

Whereas an exhibition is my “best guess” at what I think someone, somewhere might like and might want to buy, I much prefer commissions where someone TELLS me what they want and how they want it, the medium, the size, the subject matter, the composition, the colours, the style, and I ask enough questions that […]

Looking for magic

Well, its here again, one of the local exhibitions I get involved in. That time, when I chose my ten paintings, trying to pick the best ones that I think will sell, that will look good as a collection, that will appeal to the buying public. And I wrap them up carefully, write out the […]

Unfinished business

How do you rate a success? How do you decide whether something has gone right? Mmm… not always by the end result, but sometimes by the journey itself, I think. And that is how I view the most recent painting I’ve done of Hornymaleuk and my female model. The event was a success, the creative […]