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Painting a woman

Well I learnt a bit over the weekend! Most of it of an arty erotic nature, so that kept me a happy bunny……

Yesterday I went to the Guild of Erotic Artists “Event day” to mingle with my fellow artists and get to know the people there, and for them to get to know me. They all seem a pleasant and friendly bunch, it just takes time and some effort on my part to go and say hello to them, promoting myself as much as my art. My new mate the erotic photographer was there again, and we chatted like old friends, which was really lovely. I also want to get some pictures on the wall at the gallery there, and asked costs of doing that and what was involved etc etc, so that’s on my list of things to do for the next time I go. So, lots of chatting, lots of tea drunk, some laughter, a lot of hugs (nice!) and some new friends made and I count that as a productive day… BUT as well as THAT, there was entertainment! OOOhhhh yes! ……… 🙂

………. the entertainment was a photo shoot with a glamour model, very pretty in her cream camisole and knickers, cream holdups and pretty embroidered gold high heels. She sat in a large chair and did the poses whilst a couple of photographers took endless photos of her and I found it fascinating, as the model just turned, posed, moved, crossed and uncrossed legs, looked pretty, kept brilliant eye contact and worked the camera! Wow. Really interesting. For me, as an artist, I’d be telling her what pose I wanted, and explaining it to her and getting her to hold it for the next two hours! But she was obviously very talented at what she did and did it very competently. Very interesting for me to see the difference between how a photographer works compared to an artist. And also to see how a professional glamour model works.


………………that wasn’t the whole of the entertainment for the day. Oh no. We had some more……..
I could tell it was going to be good when she walked through the door.

She was one of those people who is just MADE for looking AT. She had presence. Bearing in mind, that I’m used to looking at people, and noticing them, and I’m used to looking at erotic models and noticing them too. This woman, was mesmerising. And this was BEFORE she changed her clothes and did her show………

I also knew it was going to be good when my erotic photographer friend went to get his camera. He’d seen her before and knew what was coming…………

Ok. So now I’m verrrrrrrry interested…….. but I had to wait whilst her props were set up, and she prepared herself.

She started her show fully clothed, in black pvc coat, felt top hat, long boots and a tutu skirt and then the Burlesque show started, and she took them off, bit by bit, to the sound of throbbing loud music, the background beat a suitable sound to accompany her. The room was dark except for the spotlight on her and the handful of people comprising the audience within feet of her show, so it was very intimate. She happily posed for the photographers gathered around her, and carried on with her show, taking items of clothing off, adding others, and then, the really interesting part started…. she had all the lights switched off except for a violet uv filter which picked up only the light colours of the thin netting she had suspended infront of her, which she writhed around and draped over herself. Then she started adorning her body with body paints, which the uv light picked up, so the rest of her body was moving shadows, dark against dark, but the lights *shone* and glowed in the darkness. And the more she painted herself, the more she shone. And then she invited the audience to go up and draw on her, to sign their names, and add to the feminine art. And all the time, she danced, and twirled, posed and had her photographs taken. The artwork grew, in size and colour. And then, for her finale, she gathered up two batons, with various coloured netting attached to them, and twirled them around and around, the netting whisking around her, the colours mingling, and moving to her rhythm. She dropped the batons, made a bee line for me, standing in the shadows, and hugged me, and I hugged her back, grinning, and laughing with her! Wow! What a wonderful performance, what a show, what a wonderful piece of erotic art!! A celebration of womanhood. She told me afterwards she feels quite spiritual during her show, and I can totally understand that! It was almost Shamanic, in the way people were gathered around her, daubing her body in paint. It was awesome! And has left me totally inspired.

12 thoughts on “Painting a woman”

  1. breathtakingly beautiful..! And yes woman hood should be celebrated with as much colour as possible.

  2. Lucy Felthouse

    Do you know, I think I’m going to blag myself an invite for next time you meet with the Guild! 😉

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – yes, it was! And yes, you’re right, as much colour as possible!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Lucy – Why’s that then? 🙂 do you want to do the erotic performance next time? lol

    Seriously though, I’ll take you if you want to come with me…

  5. Spiky Zora Jones

    That sounds wonderful. I know about modeling and it really is harder than it looks, till you get comfortable with it and know and feel what the photographer wants. It’s awessome when they let you go…just let you show yourself to the camera. I did a nude photo shoot for my g/f last year.

    That show that gal put on sounds awesome. Your words had me there seeing it with your eyes. Dancing/performing got me into the best shape. I miss it.

    I love this post babes…ciao.

  6. Jackie Adshead

    spiky – yes, it is more difficult than it looks, so to see how easily a proper professional model does it is wonderful.

    I’m interested in your nude photo shoot… do you want to show me?

    The show the girl put on WAS awesome, I loved it!

  7. ‘Fucking WOW!’ Bloody hell you do have some fun on your days out, beats goin to the zoo.. Lol..

  8. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Yeh, I *do* have some fun!!!lol ……Its part of being any erotic artist!

  9. Not too late, I hope, to say the memories linger on of a fabulous event in May at the Guild. My photos and movies were similar to the couple you have on your blog- vibrant in both colour and body movement. But Sarah Jane’s posing was a brilliant foil to Paisley’s performance. Altogether a wonderful day out.

  10. Jackie Adshead

    Anonymous – I don’t know who you are but you were obviously there that day, and yes, it certainly was a wonderful day out!

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