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Seeing eye to eye

I’ve been working on my latest dog portrait commission this week and am slightly annoyed that I’ve had to re-start the painting again as the original paper I started with buckled when I was less than a third of the way through the painting. If I’d carried on it might have got worse, it may not though, but I wasn’t prepared to take that chance because I know I’ve got many hours of work to put into it and decided cutting my losses at this point was probably better than carrying on and making a hash of it. So I’ve re-drawn it and started painting again on line and wash board, but I don’t normally use it and I’m finding it far more absorbant than the Bockingford watercolour paper I usually use, so its soaking up every tiny bit of paint very quickly. Still, I’m steps forward now and have done the base painting more or less, so the colour is on and now I need to build up the depth of colours through the fur on the dogs head. I’ve left doing the eyes until now as well as I prefer to do it when I’ve got to the mid point. So, I’ve had a “blind” dog as the empty eye sockets are still blank paper. So, deep breath, and hope to get the next bit right, cos if I get it wrong the whole thing will look bad. And ……………paint the eyes. Stand back and look to see how it’s gone and………………………WOW! The whole painting comes alive! The dog can see! The eyes are liquid, with the light shining in them. The eyeballs sit in their sockets and the whole painting comes alive!!! I’m a happy bunny!!!! Yay!!!! But I don’t know why I’m surprised, the eyes are the windows to the soul. If they show life, then I’ve captured the essence of the subject.

And just to add that Hornymaleuk has contacted me with a view to him wanting to pose for me again. Ok, so he obviously wasn’t too put off with the last pose (and this is my posting about it here) then! (or the ones before that! – and this is my version of that). It’s a while since I’ve drawn him, and he’ll be posing with my usual model again….. so what poses shall I put them in? MMmm…… I need to think. Oh, this is going to be fun!!!!

20 thoughts on “Seeing eye to eye”

  1. Hand cuffs and ropes? Wick-ED!! Am sure what ever you choose, it’ll grab everyones attention…? OR Latex and rubber Lol…….’Oh’ am on a roll now. How about lipstick n high heels, and for the female model…hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Oh I didn’t know he was still around! Looking forward to both pics!

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – LOL what wonderful ideas! Thankyou!!!!! Love em!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Vi – Apparently he is! I’ll know more when I see him.

  5. Spiky Zora Jones

    jackie…I think you are a fabulous artist. I like. I get all giddy when you talk about art. I hear your excitement in your words and I smile…I want to hug you and give you a high five and a…”you go girl.”

    hehehe…also I’m still laughing at indigo’s comment.

    Ciao babes.

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky zora jones – I know I get passionate about art so I’m delighted that my words excite you as well!

    And… yeh, I’m still laffing at Indigo’s comment too!!!

  7. Lucy Felthouse

    Ooh I don’t envy you this one. Obviously my mind is full of smutty ideas but because hornymale and your model aren’t a couple they’re not going to want to do the things I can think of!! 😉

  8. I’m really looking forward to posing again for Jackie, and working with her favourite female model. My absence is only due to the fact that I have been working in the wrong part of the country.

  9. Jackie Adshead

    Lucy – No, they’re not, so I’ve got to give the illusion they are, or they are just about to!

    Your mind full of smutty ideas? Reeeaaaally?????!!! lol

  10. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – I didn’t scare you too much the last time then, if the reason for your absence is logistics! lol

  11. They are just about to do WHAT? Sounds like you’ve got your work cut out Jackie for this one!!

  12. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – quite possibly, but I’ve done this before!!! 🙂

  13. Lucky lady, two models to work with!

    I just found this quote, you might like:

    Who among us has not gazed thoughtfully and patiently at a painting by Jackson Pollock and thought, “What a piece of crap”?
    – critic Rob Long, in the Modern Review, 1992


  14. You ladies do have vivid imaginations! You might get me to wear high heels, but I draw the line at lipstick!
    Jackie’s comment on my post about massages is an interesting idea….

  15. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – Mmm…. yes, I am fortunate, I just gotta think of a pose for them now though!

    As for your Jackson Pollack quote – I love it!! Thankyou! 🙂

  16. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – Ok, it sounds like we’re half way there with the pose then – Mmm…. high heels….. shall we go for the black stilletto ankle boots, the pvc thigh length boots, the pretty silver sandals or the scarlet courtshoes with killer heels???? lol 🙂

    And, yes, I thought you would like the idea that I suggested on your blog…….

  17. Spiky Zora Jones

    I saw a painting of a landscape and saw a nude woman in it. I don’t think it was intentionally painted that way. I could not see who the artist was or the name of the painting. I wondered if it was my imagination playing with me…

    I know, what is the point here Spiky?

    No point…I just thought of you…and your art. That’s all. 😀

  18. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky zora jones – Aw, that’s sweet, that you saw a naked woman and thought of me!! lol

    MMmm…. I love doing erotic landscapes……

    Thanks for telling me x

  19. having my cake

    Im with Indigo on the handcuffs and ropes. What about her tied with her hands behind her back and him standing over her with an implement? Her anticipation vs his domination…?

  20. Jackie Adshead

    Having my cake – Mmm…. I like the idea, especially of her anticipation and his domination! An implement eh? egg whisk? hoe? 🙂

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