Random facts (Number 2)

Well this Amazing Blogger award has come around another time, so thank you Indigo for nominating me again! Right then seven more random facts about me – ok they are: 1. I arrived in Buenos Aires the day the Argentinians were celebrating the Falklands War. 2. I was treated like a movie star in Shanghai. […]

Am I that scary?

…….. So, my friend said to her friend: “I’m seeing my friend later, she’s an erotic artist”. “Oh, a neurotic artist?” “No, an EROTIC artist” “Oh” ……. and then she changed the subject. (Why does this amuse me?!)

Background interference

After completing the dog portrait in time for the Christmas deadline, (even with a stinking cold!) I’m all poised to get on with the next erotic landscape when I receive a call requesting that the two women who are involved with the painting – the “requester” and the “giftee”, (ie the woman who contacted me […]

Setting off a chain of events

Last night I spent a very enjoyable time with a diverse gathering of people from different nations. Seated at dinner, my companions were, amongst others, English, Polish, American, Scottish, Danish and Turkish. An eclectic mix, and possibly more enjoyable because of it. And most I had not met before. So, when polite discourse starts over […]


A good start to the year – my one hundredth blog post! Yay!!! Getting back into the mind set of being an erotic artist, after doing two dog commissions, and I’ve been thinking about what makes an image “erotic”. I know when I look at someone I see various attributes of their persona that I […]