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Random facts

Thanks Lucy for giving me a Amazing Blogger Award. MMmm… random facts about me…. Ok then, they are:

1. I once got out of a plane at 12,000 feet, without a parachute, and survived.
2. I’ve been in the same room as a black maned lion with no bars between us.
3. I’ve seen the sun rise over an eerily silent and deserted Machu Picchu.
4. I’ve been to the exact point where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean.
5. I’ve waltzed across Tiannamen Square.
6. I’ve eaten a silver service dinner in the open desert at Ayers Rock, by starlight.
7. I’ve had three tarantulas crawling over my shoulders and breasts and was more interested by my companions reactions than the spiders themselves.

And since I think it’s customary to nominate three others for this award. I nominate Racy Redhead (cos she’ll have naughty fun with this!), Nitebyrd (cos she’s just finding her feet, and has loads of interesting things to tell the world) and Indigo (who just loves to shock and be wicked). Over to you, girls!

14 thoughts on “Random facts”

  1. ” WOW..” Well for once in my life..I’m totally SPEECHLESS!! Which some people I know might actually find that hard to believe Lol..THANKYOU Lucy, better get shocking again but am always wicked!

  2. 1,2 and 7 blew me away…

    And the silver dinner service at Ayers Rock must have been beautiful !

  3. Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!!

    Okay, now you’ve got to elaborate on all those facinating facts!! Especially the first one!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – Er, it’s not Lucy, it’s me who’s nominated you!

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Loving annie – Mmmm… I can understand that. The dinner was certainly very beautiful, and one of those awesome moments in life.

  6. Oh, Jackie! I’m so boring. You’ve had some absolutely, positively amazing experiences.

    I agree with Vi. More details about everything.

  7. ‘Oh Jackie… I’m sooo sorry, I was totally blown away with the excitement last night when I read your blog, I must have got the wrong end of the stick, as we say in the country. ‘THANKYOU’ Jackie for my amazing award.. I just adore it ‘Thankyou’

  8. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – I’m sure you’re not boring at all – especially after that last post regarding broken white sausages!!

    Ok… more details to follow…

  9. Jackie – as usual I am only just catching up with your blog and want to say…… Thank you!

    I am going to have a huge amount of fun with this. My mind is racing already.

  10. Jackie Adshead

    Racy – I thought you’d find it entertaining and FUN!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with (so to speak……!!!)

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