Random facts (No.2) Part two

Published on January 29, 2008

Well, I suppose you might be wanting some explanations to my last post – and…

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Random facts (Number 2)

Published on January 26, 2008

Well this Amazing Blogger award has come around another time, so thank you Indigo for…

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Speaking a different language

Published on January 23, 2008

A woman rang me last week, wanting a painting doing of her house as a…

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Random facts (Part two)

Published on January 20, 2008

Well it seems some of you feel the need for more information regarding my random…

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Random facts

Published on January 17, 2008

Thanks Lucy for giving me a Amazing Blogger Award. MMmm…..seven random facts about me…. Ok…

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Am I that scary?

Published on January 15, 2008

…….. So, my friend said to her friend: “I’m seeing my friend later, she’s an…

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Background interference

Published on January 12, 2008

After completing the dog portrait in time for the Christmas deadline, (even with a stinking…

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Setting off a chain of events

Published on January 6, 2008

Last night I spent a very enjoyable time with a diverse gathering of people from…

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Published on January 4, 2008

A good start to the year – my one hundredth blog post! Yay!!! Getting back…

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