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Guernsey delights part two

I had the opportunity to go to Guernsey again for Easter, having fallen in love with the island when I went for the first time at I was very excited to see it again..

And at the end of March it was a joy to see the scenic splendour in Spring sunshine, with the foliage on the hillsides more green that it was in dull December, with the first flowers showing, the bright yellow gorse, blue skies, the sunshine sparkling on the sea, and the sea that particular shade of teal that I adore so much..

Even in the cool offshore breezes there was a view in every direction, with one of the other English Channel islands across the sea in the distance, and France just visible in the haze.

I also loved walking the coastal paths that showed hints of sea through the trees, then opened up with a joyful glimpse of the next beach or headland, or houses perched on the hills.

And everywhere I went I took photos of the scenes, knowing that there were so many inspirational photos that I could take for me to paint pictures of them when I got home…such a delight!

I also hadn’t realised until I got to Moulin Huet Bay that I wasn’t the only artist who had fallen in love with Guernsey, apparently Renoir spent a month there in 1883 and worked on 15 paintings during his stay, all depicting views of Moulin Huet, this photo of mine below shows the frame of the scene he painted.. so inspirational still to this day!

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