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Being happily creative in the garden

When I moved to the house I live in five years ago there were a lot of things that needed sorting out in the garden, and various things took priority over a pile of pavers that had been left by the previous people who lived in the house..although every day that I have looked at them since then they have annoyed me.

But until I could think what to do about them there was no point in doing anything…

But last week when I started weeding the garden for Spring finally arriving, I thought that there must be something creative I could DO with them… so after a mug of hot tea whilst I looked at them and thought of various ideas, I then decided the best thing I could do was something vertical, and circular, and with that idea in mind, I built up something that turned out to look like an old well…! Since I wanted to put soil in it for plants, I thought that I only needed the top foot of soil for plants, so put a load of last years grass cuttings in it, which helped to fill the space and also provide moisture for the plants, as well as hold the pavers together since there is no cement holding it together.

When I had done that, I added about a foot of soil from the border next to it, that is also a new bed that I dug out at the same time, then put in a few plants that I already had elsewhere in the garden, but I knew would be a lot happier in this new bed – a purple Heuchera, a little Pieris, a pink and white Fuschia, a purple Aubretia and another plant (name unknown) that is a pale lilac coloured trailing plant.

And I absolutely loved the effect of it all…its visually appealing, it does look like an old well, and as the plants get established they will add to the effect of it, but even as it is at the moment, with the sunshine on it, its far more interesting being tall and circular than it ever was being a pile of pavers piled up against the brick wall.

Its the sort of happy creation in my garden that I love doing, its half hidden the yellow conifers that were cut back last September, its used up the pavers that were doing nothing, its cleared the space against the brick wall for other plants, its used up last years grass cuttings, its got plants in it that will be a lot happier and grow better than where they had been, and they’ve all together made me very happy..

I love it when ideas work together like that!

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