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That’s what I call absolute trust

I know I’ve talked a little about the painting I’m working on at the moment.

It’s a painting that is a surprise Christmas present for some one, but its been ordered and discussed and planned and paid for by someone else. Nothing unusual in that, of course, and a wonderful gift I think from the person who is paying for it, to the person who will be receiving it.

The client is someone I have met, as is the person who is receiving the gift. black-white-red-hint1

The client and I have only discussed this week the way that the painting will be transported from artist to buyer. The client asked me to wrap it up for them, and then said something that intrigued me…. since they have only seen the snippets of the images I have shown on social media, as they requested.

“The painting is going to look so good I can’t wait to see it. “ black-white-and-red-hint-4

I smiled at that comment and replied that I couldn’t wait for them to see it too, and did they want me to send the finished image by email for them to see it?

The reply came back straight away and stated that …..

The buyer doesn’t want to see the painting before it is handed over and opened by their significant other on Christmas Day, and that will be the first time the buyer has seen it in its entirety too.

Wow, total and absolute trust in me as an artist and knowing that I will create this beautiful and evocative painting as we have discussed and planned it.


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