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A hint of unveiling

The fabulous painting I am currently working on for a client has many aspects of it, that we have discussed and planned between us. I love the fact that there are lots of hidden parts to this painting, and am delighted that the client, after seeing the working painting has left me to get on with the artwork knowing that I will make the actual painting look far more subtle than the working painting has shown.

I’ve been busy working on the painting this week and have got past the most difficult part so from now on it will be a lot easier for me to do the painting. black-white-red-hint1

black-white-and-red-hint-3However….even though I am not showing the whole image here, or even hinting at the subblack-white-red-hint2ject matter, I will show you some small parts of it, to see if you can guess what the subject matter might be….?

And bearing in mind that only a small part of the painting is officially finished, there is a lot more to do yet…. so there may be confusing parts, that are not what they appear to be….




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