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The plan has been put on hold

When I first finished the black and white pen and ink drawings for Repton Parish Council, I knew I’d have to wait a bit before talking more about them due to holidays (both mine and the contact I had with the Parish Council). In the meantime since I had a bit of free time, and the weather was good I decided to start decorating outside paintwork on my house. That, as it is wont to do, grew into a far bigger job than I had first envisaged… !

But know its done, and I’ve caught up on the decorating that the last two wet summers have curtailed me doing.

So next week I intend talking in more depth about the pen and ink illustrations I’ve completed recently for Repton Parish Council, for their Neighbourhood Development Plan,  plus some others that I have done for them in the past. They make a lovely set of drawings I think, although obviously some will have more appeal than others. All illustrations Repton and Milton

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