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The measurements I see things that others don’t

I know that I see things that others don’t see. And also know that sometimes I have to explain things so that the others can visualise the same things that I do. Brains don’t work in the same ways, and maybe its down to me being an artist, or maybe its just experience at doing it, but I am used to having to give the insights to the others to help them see too.

The latest query I have had for a commission is for three canvas’s hanging together on the wall, a larger on in the middle, vertical, and two smaller ones to the side, also vertical. I can see in my head how the paintings will look. And to a degree so can the clients. They know what painting they want, they know the subject matter, and the colours, and the style.

I have given them three choices of sizes of canvas so that they have those options to fill their wall space. Its down to them which size they choose, since I will be happy either way. drawing paper (2)

But, its visualising the sizes that she in particular can’t envisage. And I fully understand why, since when you are given a load of figures they don’t always equate to sizes and how it will just look.

I saw the couple at the weekend and he explained that she had had problems trying to envisage it, and I nodded, since she had told me the same thing.

I said that the best way of doing it was to make a mock-up of the sizes and put them on the wall, and he agreed and said he’s go down to B&Q and get some boards to put them up on the walls. I asked if he had any spare wall paper.. ? And he said he had, some lining paper, and I said that would be perfect…! Cut the shapes out of that, and stick them on the wall with blue tack, or masking tape, then it would save him spending any money on it, just to see what size they want, and it would be far easier to cut.

He agreed, and said he’d let me know as soon as they could, and how excited they were at the thought of these pictures… me too I replied, with a smile!! 🙂

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