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Nice to hear the professionalism shines through

I’ve just had a meeting with the guy who is my contact for the business that have commissioned me to do the 14 illustrations I did recently. I was pleased with the artwork I’d done for him, but wanted peace of mind that he was happy too. Occasionally a client has specific ideas of what they want, or don’t want, and I always try to take their ideas on board and work around it (which reminds me of one memorable painting when a very particular minded client rang me from her home in California to tell me exactly which colours she wanted in the painting, and which she specifically didn’t!).

The client tonight was more than happy with the drawings I had done for him and his organisation as we went through them one by one in the order he was happiest viewing.

At the end we had a short discussion regarding the final arrangements in a few weeks time, and he picked up his briefcase and was about to leave. But then turned back to me and said how impressed he and his colleague had been when they came to see me last time, and they knew that they would get exactly what it was they were looking for, because of how professional I was in dealing with the job particularly in my note taking. I smiled, and flicked through the notes I had with me at that point, noting down each image and what was to be put in the image and what not, the titles for each image, the time I had spent on each one, and matching them all up together as a cohesive whole. And nodded and said that that was how I like to work, because I know exactly what the client wants then.

That’s made me happy to hear that, professional work, and a professional way of working! Yay! 🙂 P1080983


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