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Hearing my name on the nearly naked radio

Local writer Stuart Haywood had rung me this week to inform me that he would be being interviewed on the radio today…… and would be mentioning my name as the artist who had first drawn him in the nude a few years ago and made the experience so comfortable for him that he had embraced naturism to the point of having his holidays at clothing optional venues, so that his wife could accompany him but not strip off herself since it wasn’t something she wanted to experience in public. So tuning in earlier today around lunchtime to BBC Radio Derby I was aware near enough of the subject matter coming up. What others thought of it I have no idea but I thought the interview went well, and it amused me that the female presenter said that she hadn’t interviewed anyone in the nude before, although she was fully dressed,  and it was certainly funny to hear about something so visual being discussed on a medium like the radio where you make all your own images in your head!

Not helped that Stuart said he had kept just his socks on. Not a good look!! 🙂

Stuart Haywood baring all at 75 (2)Radio Derby buildingHe is in his late 70’s now and I thought I would show the watercolour painting I did for him as a commission to celebrate his 75th birthday. I put in it all the aspects that were important in his life, his wife, their garden that they had designed and grew rare roses in, his love of cricket and learning, his previous jobs as greengrocer, writer and bookmaker, his love of music and the full circle of the name “Adshead” – being the bookmaker who first employed him and where he met his wife, and me the artist who had had such a big impact on him too.

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