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Designing reactions

I was introduced to a couple in their forties last week through mutual friends whilst I was on holiday. They seemed a nice couple and we smiled hello over a drink. Since we both knew the other couple but not each other you make the usual assumption that the other people are nice, but what do we have in common?

As it was, there was one thing that was large connection.

But it took a few minutes for us to find it.

And then I mentioned I was an artist and her face lit up.

So I concentrated on her to talk to her about my art, the sort of clever art work I’ve done, and the paintings I am most proud of, and other peoples reactions to them.

We talked for quite some time, until I felt that I ought to give her chance to talk about herself, and of course for him to talk about himself.

He asked if I did abstract art, and I said I had done, yes.

And by his reactions and a couple of comments I realised he knew about the artworld too. Drinks

But he wasn’t an artist in the same way I am.

He was something far more intriguing.

He was a designer.

And had designed whole business premises, and matching logos, and the artwork on the walls, and the whole concept of design for the businesses he had done work for.

I nodded as I listened, rapt in my attention of what he had done, and with total empathy for the creation of the concept the customers were trying to put across.

And told him what I have been working on recently, up until coming away on holiday, but without mentioning the actual name of who I had been working for.

And we realised we had a lot more in common.

Art created for the reactions of the client, the whole package of putting the message across, done in a very business like and professional way.

I liked him a lot, as I did her.

And I liked his question of whether I keep a note book and pencil at the side of my bed incase I wake up at 3am and want to draw down an image or idea for the next day.

I smiled and said I didn’t.

Because I don’t need to, that idea will stay with me until the next day, and then I will write it down…. !

We swapped email addresses later on, and I hope we can stay in touch. Its a fascinating job he does, and I’d love to see more of his work.

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