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Revisiting old friends

Angels on wallI love to hear where my paintings are hanging when they go off out into the world to their new owners, and occasionally I hear when they resurface in later years, like the “Man of mystery” one I did  last year that has gone to live in China, I found out the other week.

This week another one reappeared in my life when I was chatting on the phone to my ex-husband who told me he’d been so see someone that he and I have known for many years and who has bought some of my artwork in the past. He said that I would be pleased to hear that the “Angels” painting I did as a commission for the client is currently hanging on her wall and looking good. After I’d finished speaking to him I messaged her on Facebook since we are friends on there, and she very kindly sent a couple of photos of the painting hanging on her wall so that I could see it.

I’d forgotten the pretty harebell blue mount and the silver frame that she had chosen for it and thought both were light enough to set the painting off and enhance it but not too bright to over power the delicate colours of it.

I had also forgotten the hidden images within the painting of the hints of faces in the clouds. I’ve always loved the pour on watercolour effect of creating  fluidity of movement within a painting. It was good to see the rabbits, and doves, as well as the multi coloured butterflies flying with the angel on the unicorn, and of course the fabulous angel with the dazzling jewel in her hand reflecting the light around her as she whooshes through the heavens trailing jewels behind her. A gorgeously feminine painting with lots of interest and movement I think.   I loved doing it at the time.

And one I am delighted to revisit again!


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