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Pen and ink love affair

I’m loving doing this large commission for my current client. I’m loving doing black pen and ink drawings again on white cartridge paper. I’m loving seeing how the drawings evolve from nothing to a new illustration as the hours flow past. I’m loving seeing how I tackle the images without knowing exactly how they will look when I first start doing them from the photos I have been instructed to work from. I love the way I have been given free rein by the client to put my artistic creativity into it. And I love the way they look when I’ve finished them. Thirteen drawings. And also a pen and wash painting which hasn’t been finalised yet by the client as to how they want it to look. I am loving the fact that I have been allocated only a certain number of hours on each illustration as it makes me think quicker and makes me make better judgements. I love all this process.

I can’t mention yet what they are or how they are for…..

But when I can, I will….. P1080983

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