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A country in shock

It seems that the whole country is in shock at the moment at the Referendum results.

Even those who voted for the outcome I don’t think fully expected it to be that we would actually leave the European Union. We all know that we will be affected one way or another, and I know there will be good and bad aspects of it in the nearish future whilst things are sorted out.

The sad part of it is that we have all had to “Pick One” and for me there was good and bad for both sides. And that’s the thing when you have a vote like this, that people become partisan, and know what it is they want for the vote, and think in some cases that the other side are wrong, or have some twisted ideology that is misguided.

But now the vote has been set, we all have to pull back together, as one.

And yet 48% of the voters didn’t want this outcome at all.

Its going to be difficult for us all, as a nation, to start to pull back together.

But the reason that 52% voted in the way they did, was because they can see a better future, one with more hope in the direction they voted for.

And when you have hope, there is something to build on.

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