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Seven plus seven plus seven equals two plus two

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being nominated for the Artists Daisy Chain Challenge on Facebook, of posting seven of my paintings in seven days and nominating a new artist each day. Its been great fun agonising over which of my many diverse paintings are the best ones to showcase and to reconnect with some artist friends on Facebook!

After a lot of decision making, as there were so many I would have easily chosen I decided on the first day to show the Venetian nightscene of  “Midnight blue”, on the second day the Gothic inspired wedding picture of “Peter and Miranda, past present and future”, on the third day the butterflies by Lake Windermere “On the wings of love”, on the fourth day the Kent butterflies in “Lets fly away together”, on the fifth day the restricted colour scheme of “David and Martyn at the Royal Crescent Bath, past present and future”, on the sixth day the cottage garden with hidden faces of  “Guardian angels” and on the seventh and last day the Kent vibrant fields of  “Poppy appeal”. So a good selection of landscapes, fantasy landscapes and portraits within landscapes, in oils and acrylics, and mixed media.

On the wings of loveLets fly away together website

And what has also been enlightening is how the other artists have reacted to it.. some have loved it and embraced doing it too, some have told me they are way too busy to do it, one is away on an extended trip and plans to do it at some later date and one of them told me they had been nominated four times now and weren’t very good at promoting themselves… which in itself started a conversation between us sharing artists insights into selling and relationships with galleries.


Midnight bluePeter and Miranda, past, present and future (2)David and Martyn at The Royal Crescent, Bath - past, present and futureGuardian Angels (3)

I’ve also loved seeing what different and brilliant artwork the other artists have decided to showcase too and loved commenting on their work in a positive and supportive artistic way! And also the way that the nomination that I had that originated in Germany has come to England and is going on around it!

Poppy Appeal

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