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Chinese love affair

Occasionally checking up on clients past and present, I decided to send a friendly email this week to the guy who commissioned the oil painting “Man of mystery” last year to see how he was.

I was delighted that he replied virtually straight away to  thank me for getting in touch and to tell me that the painting I did for him has had an interesting time in that he had Chinese visitors staying with him for a few months, and the woman liked the painting so much it is now in her flat in Guangzhou! And he asked if any other of my painting have travelled so far… since he and I both live in England, and I replied that to my knowledge I had paintings in California, Illinois, Florida and Canada but that I didn’t know of any others I might have in China!

And of course that lead on to a discussion with us as to whether he might want a replacement doing, or even something totally different… I always love chatting with people as to what ideas they could put together to make an interesting painting, something that means a lot to them…  So much so that visitors to their house might want to take it away with them! 🙂 Man of mystery





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