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Is it staring me in the face?

I had a simple and strong concept for the painting, and that has gone the way I wanted it to. I had a colour scheme for the painting that has gone better than I wanted it to. The main design is as I planned it, and its actually a simple design so the composition is fine too. The main subject matter stands out far better than I expected it to and there is a life within the texture that I hadn’t planned but works beautifully. Technically the painting was almost finished a week ago….. and yet…

And yet I keep staring at it….

Wondering what it is I want to change in it…

Because somehow ………………’s not right.

And if its not right then its my job to make it right.

And here we come to the crux of the matter… because I really don’t know what to do to improve on it.

Which is making me wonder if it’s finished and I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist. But that can’t be right either. My gut reaction is telling me to change something. The reason I can’t find it is puzzling me. I always know how to change things to improve them. Which is making me wonderButterflies painting 1  (1) whether to link the background better to the main subjects, or dull down the background so the main subjects are more prominent. I need to find more flow within the painting so that it “reads” better. I think that is the main crux of it. At the moment there is no Notan  … the lights and darks aren’t linked to each other, they are just placed, rather than gathered together to link the painting.

That’s the problem….. !!

Right, back to staring at it and seeing what I need to change….

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