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Faces in the sky carrying on the tradition

Wanting to give my youngest nephew something special for his birthday last week I decided I’d give him a painting, something personal that I had created which I thought he would appreciate, and since he lives near the coast the obvious one I felt was of a beach scene in watercolours.

BeachWhen he thanked me he asked if I had put the face in it on purpose….

I smiled.

And my delighted reply to him congratulated him on seeing the face since I’ve hidden faces in the sky in other paintings too and told him about the most obvious ones. Although this one isn’t at all obvious, I love the hint of it, the fact that the clouds accentuate in the right places to make the features of the face in it.

The other two by comparison of mine that are far more obvious are “David and Martyn at the Royal Crescent, past, present and future” with loving relatives looking down with love and affection to the two subjects in the foreground. And “Guardian Angels” which celebrates the idea that when you move into an old house all the previous inhabitants are looking after you in a good way. So three paintings that I have created, with a few years between them all, but all a celebration of life, and connections, and love. Guardian Angels (3)

But which is your favourite, the obvious faces or the more subtle one?


David and Martyn at The Royal Crescent, Bath - past, present and future

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