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Ebbs and flows

I left the special picture that I am currently working on last weekend knowing that I was raring to go on it, I was at the stage when I can’t take my eyes off it and want to do the next bit, and the bit after that, which is by far and always the best sign that the ideas are flowing!  Helped immensely by the fact my neighbour came late that afternoon to pick up a package that the postman had left with me for him whilst he was out, and when my neighbour passed by outside the window where I was painting he made a real Wow comment about the picture! OOOh…. good sign, even someone else viewing it in its half finished state can see that its an exciting painting!!! Even through the glass of the window on a dull day!!  That helped even more with motivating me to get on and get it done as much as I could before I had to reluctantly leave it.

But, weekend over, and although I am raring to get going on the painting, I can’t.

I have received on Monday some paperwork that needs my attention. This paperwork is for someone else’s benefit and not mine in the slightest. I will get nothing from it. And yet I have to read through it, and deal with it, which also involves me having to get at least two other people involved in it as well. I’ve lost half a day already in investigating exactly what is needed from me for it, involving a couple of phone calls and reading and trying to understand it all before I go to the next part which involves even more of my time!!

So that is why I can’t paint at the moment, on the picture that I want to get working on again. Butterflies painting 1  (1)

Sigh. Big Sigh!!!


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