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Easter thoughts carried through

Knowing it was the long Easter weekend coming up and that I was having a nice break away with friends I wanted to get on with my latest painting as much as I could last week to keep the strong momentum going for this week when I was home again. When I have an idea for a painting the ideas form in my head and each day a few more will arise, maybe even when I am first waking up, or going to sleep, sitting having a cup of tea or doing something totally unconnected to art. My brain is mulling over ideas and will suggest something to me. I’m always happy when that happens as it means that the ideas are good ones! So, getting as many ideas as I could down on the canvas as the basis for the working painting was a good one, and meant that I would be steps ahead this week when I could pick up painting again.

But it seems the ideas didn’t want a break whilst I was away. On quiet moments I still picked up my sketch book and jotted down ideas and colour themes to see if they worked…..

And they did…!

Tomorrow all being well I shall start and put them on canvas…. 🙂

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