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Blog birthday – Nine years !

Little did I think nine years ago that I would still be writing my blog, happily chatting about art, life and how they are intertwined… so many years later.

I’ve written about so many things, introduced my paintings as I’ve created them, and shared the important and sometimes funny conversations I’ve had. I still love writing it, and sharing this part of me with whoever wants to read about it.

And I’ve made some important blog friends a long the way, in this country and the USA and also created some gorgeous paintings through those friendships. So here to celebrate that, I am showing you some of them……  “Hot Stuff”, “Fur coat and no knickers”, the erotic landscape “Tree of life” and “Living Flame”. Three of these are currently hanging on walls in America, and one in England.

So Happy Birthday Blog, and thanks for it being such an important part of my life. Along with my art. Hot stuffFur coat and no knickerstree of lifeLiving Flame 1

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