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Moonstone mystical nine

Its so lovely when a gallery says – bring as many paintings as you like…

And  wonderful when they as a local gallery say that they want more professional artwork on their walls, most specifically, mine, and I can choose what to paint to their theme, especially when the theme is one of mystical, fantasy and magical creatures. Just the subjects I love!

Like all artists I have work in progress paintings that are almost finished but not quite, and three of them were perfect for this gallery setting which is why I’ve been busy finishing them off this last fortnight.

P1080812But Friday was the day that they could all be hung together, and although it actually took far longer to hang them than you would think (and I expected a good couple of hours)  but it took three times as long as that by the time I had checked the walls themselves, and laid out the best configuration of the nine paintings I took, and hung them all to their best placing. For instance the two that had some subtle shimmer in them – “Fairy Fascination” –  in watercolour and iridescent medium, and one of the mermaid paintings “Dance of the deep” which has gold gouache in with the watercolour paint to give a flash of gold to the mermaids tail, were best placed nearest to the overhead light and what natural light reached that far from the window to catch the shimmering aspects. And I wanted the brightly coloured “Interplay” on the far right as a bright stop to the more delicate paintings to the left of it, and in particular “Fitzy living flame” to the immediate left of it as they were of the same size and in the same light coloured frame, but the living flame style of painting is far more delicate in its colouring even though they are both done in acrylics.





The more erotic “Moon madness” painting just fitted nicely in the corner, and I put the vibrant and expressive  “Dancing Diva” next to it. Of course the two acrylic paintings on canvas “The calling” and “Green energy” were both strong enough  and well suited to be side by side, one depicting spirits and the moon with a woman enrobed in a red cloak with a garland of white stars in her hair, and the other an erotic landscape with an erotic couple hidden as part of the trunk of the tree in the woodland and stream setting, and last but not least “Seducing the myth, gently” the mermaid painting that is the original artwork for the anthology of erotic short stores entitled “Seducing the myth”.

A lovely selection of all sorts of artwork that are so apt for this marvellous shop and gallery in Ashby de la Zouch, it is tucked away in one of the little alleyways, Bakery Court,  that Ashby specialises in, and which runs down the side of the market hall.

I am delighted to be part of their exhibition space and would highly recommend anyone who loves anything to do with dragons, fairies, unicorns, mermaids, the green man, wolves, black cats, gothic art or fantasy art, and now erotic art! to go and have a browse at The Moonstone Gallery, they will make you most welcome, and have a wonderful selection of flavoured teas and coffees where you can sit and just soak up the very calming atmosphere…. and their prices are incredibly reasonable for the wonderful products they sell… not just original art, but photos, fabulous prints by three stunningly talented international women artists, statues, and furniture, clothing and far more… !



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