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Eroticising a landscape three ways

There are three ways of creating an erotic landscape..

The first is to hide an erotic couple within what looks like an ordinary landscape.. like I did in my painting “Towering passions” for a client from Windsor, in that it depicted the night-time skyline of New York, with the lights shining out from the sky scrapers, and reflecting on the river.. but for those who know where to look there is a naked couple having sex hidden within the lights…

Towering Passions

The second kind, and by far the most difficult, is when the geography of the land is actually the erotic couple. It’s far more difficult to make a hand look like a tree, or a hillock to become a breast, or a lighthouse to take on a whole new meaning.. and that is what I did in my painting “Tree of life” for a woman in Dorset, where the landscape looks like Lands End, with the man being the cliff, and the woman below him made of the dunes for breasts, the dune grass her nipples, the tree as her hand, the cave the gap undtree of life2er her knee, the sandy outcrop her head, a rock her open mouth, and the froth from the sea her hair fanning out.



And last week I finally finished off the third kind, which is I suppose is the most traditional version.. where the erotic couple are part of part of the landscape… a tree in this instance. The painting was done from photos I took of a local stream with trees above and all around it. I have added a little artistic licence to it in that I have depicted a more interesting scene than the photos actually showed.. but I wanted the erotic couple to be quite obvious within the painting… as if nature had created them, and any one could see them within the tree if they looked quickly enough at the entwined trunk. I am delighted at the result of it, and the title seemed a very obvious one too.. with all the greenery within the scene…. I have called it “Green energy”.

Green energy



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