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Since spraining my ankle I need to crawl back up on top

Its been nine weeks, I think, since I badly sprained my ankle. And doing it meant that I had to put absolutely everything to one side to get better. Obviously. I certainly didn’t think at the time that it would take so long to get back on track again. Of course having Christmas so soon after I got back on my feet (excuse the pun!) and then new year, meant another two weeks on top of that. Then we are into January, and its catch up time. The usual rush of sorting things out and not getting back into painting. And I have a mental list of things I need to do to catch up on painting. The list is a specific one, but my next idea for a painting, which I had clearly in the middle of November has faded off with being an invalid, being in the Christmas mode, being in new year mode, being in January and another year mode. Artists work space

I need my inner artist refreshing.

And I know that its finding something elusive that brings it out.

I need to find a MASSIVE inspiration to do that.

The plan was this week to find it…. and that’s easier said than done.

And then, purely by accident, I found it.

Whilst the snow was on the ground, and whilst I was idly trawling through Facebook, I found an image.

One that “Wow’d” me totally. It was clever, and  colourful, and fascinated me. It wasn’t a painting as such, but it was something done in an artistic way. And it got me thinking.

If I reacted in such a positive way, then it might me my next step forward to get me back into artist mode.

So, I decided to paint it. For me, not for anyone else. But I also want to put my own slant on the painting as well and add something that is far more personal for me.

And then, when I have learnt how to create that particular type of painting, and it will be tricky to do, even with my experience, then, I can do my own images in that style, but created by me. For other people.

And the thing that I love about doing this particular painting, is that it is very similar in context to some other types of paintings I have done before, although they were far more, er, erotic in concept!! Intrigued…..? You should be!!

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