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Black to let the colours do their work

Well the new year of 2016 has started well…

And I was delighted that the deep thought I put into a Christmas present for someone special got the right reaction. I wanted to give my fella’s  lovely son and his delightful girlfriend a special painting this year… but what to give… I considered a tasteful erotic one, but dismissed it almost straight away. No, that’s not what it should be. What about animals then, tigers maybe.. No, that wouldn’t be right either. What do they like… Mmm… going away to nice places, and definitely good food.  I thought about the paintings I had done, and knew instantly which one I wanted to give them. And just because the thought was a good one, it all clicked into place… the painting in question was done in pen and wash so had a lot of black in the drawing of it, and I had a simple black frame, with a black mount that was perfect for it. Meant to be! I framed it for them, and turned the painting over to look at it in its new black frame…

Wow! That looks good. So much better than a light frame and a cream mount which is what a lot of people would have gone for.

I wrapped it up, and smiled. I couldn’t wait to give it to them.

Two days after Christmas was when I saw them, and waited impatiently for the right opportunity.

After catching up chats, and laughter, and a delicious meal, there was a gap in the conversations, a lull, and that was when I passed over the gift in its Christmas wrapping.

They had no idea as to what it was…. but obviously knew it was a painting of some sort…

I held my breath, and waited.

But wasn’t expecting the reaction I got….

They both loved it, instantly, as it reminded him of the little houses at San Francisco. And she loved it because she thought it was the best painting of mine that I’d done.

Aww…. what a gorgeous reaction from both of them. Dartmouth blueBut I know the reasons for their reaction – they are both so in love, and have recently started renting a house together after going out for two years, so its part of the nest building they are doing. This painting is part of them being a couple, and having a house that they can decorate to their tastes.

The painting of mine that I chose was “Dartmouth blue”, it is of Dartmouth in Devon, with the little houses that climb steeply up the hill from the River Dart as it opens up to the sea, with a couple of little sailing boats floating on the blue water. It was painted in a loose way that shows off the white of the watercolour paper and flows well as an image. And the reason I chose that one, is because they both live and work near the sea. That’s why they loved it, it related to their lives, and their life, together.

And the black frame and mount they loved too, as it showed off the painting to its best effect, as two young people.

Good one! I’m happy, because they’re happy.


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