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Unified energies joyfully awakened

As an artist I love to paint various subjects and one of them is the spiritual connecting of energies that I can’t say exactly what they are, only that I feel that sometimes the universe clicks into place to make things happen in certain directions. Maybe its just a whole batch of happy coincidences, maybe there is more to it….

Awakening the unified energies

Certainly when I visited Stonehenge some years ago on a bitterly cold bleak day I was aware of the belief of many humans before me who had felt the power and energy of that particular stone circle and I wanted to put all of that in a painting.

This is the painting I did of it, in watercolours, depicting the heaviness of the stones set deeply into the ground, and depicted the clouds above, ethereal but heavy and menacing too, as if crackling with a life force of their own, trailing down towards the magical stones below them. I called the painting “Awakening the unified energies” as the most apt title I could think for it.

The painting since then has been exhibited and shown in various venues but it didn’t awaken anything in anyone else until a few weeks ago when I happened to put it on my Facebook page to show it to someone in Kent who I had had a conversation with, regarding Stonehenge. That person didn’t pick up on the painting in any way.. which sometimes happens, I know that, its the way it is with art…

But someone else spotted it… and I could see by her reaction that it had talked to her, it had spoken, as paintings do, and that was due to her visit to these magical stones and her happy memories of that visit…

After a brief chat, we arranged the purchase and delivery and as requested I wrapped it up for her, to open on Christmas Day without knowing exactly what it looks like until she lays eyes on it. She has only seen the image of the painting on my Facebook page…

I am delighted, as I absolutely love it when someone reacts in such a positive way to something I have painted, and they understand the thoughts that I had, to painting it, and feel that same emotion themselves too… that for me is the most wonderful of feelings, of connections, and of unifying energies… 🙂


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