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Reaching my peak at Eighteen

With not being able to work properly for the last fortnight due to my sprained foot, I haven’t been able to do all the things I had planned on doing in that time. All I could do was watch from the sidelines and answer a few emails.

So on Sunday whilst checking the that I currently have some artwork exhibited with, I just quickly glanced down the list of artists on the Leader Board to see which names were on it. Most of the artists I haven’t heard of before but I do have a few whose artwork I really like. My eye scanned down the list and stopped at a name I wasn’t expecting there….. my own…. OH, RIGHT! Wow!!! I’m on it. I knew the list was on real time, and although it was Number 18 on the list, it at least was on the list. And the thing that was really important, is that there are hundreds of artists on that site, and many thousands of paintings are there. Any artist can be voted for. And its open to anyone going on to the site who wants to vote, from where ever they are in the world. So, I am counting this as a very good accolade. Just for one day I was voted 18th out of hundreds!

The voting has stopped now, it was on for 2 months, but it ended on the 30th November.

But I only had 30 paintings on it, since I haven’t been able to paint any more, or put any others on my page with my foot being incapacitated. It’s quite time consuming having to take at least three good photos of the artwork in question and do a small write up for each one, state the postage for sending it abroad, and upload it all on the site. So, I didn’t have as many paintings as a lot of the other artists, and I haven’t had them on for long for the voters to see my work for very long.

So all in all, this is great news, I’m reeeeeeeally happy with the placing!!!

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