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You don’t think anything’s happening until Indianapolis finds you

As an artist I know its important to get my name out so people find me. Where ever *out* is!

This last week I’ve been photographing, and sorting through, and making decisions on, some artwork that I’ve done in the past as well as new stuff.

As well as having discussions with someone who wants a commission doing too, but although most of the ideas for the painting have been decided there are a few smaller decisions which haven’t been finalised fully, so I can’t start that one yet.

So, in the mean time I go back to the artwork that I am trying to sell on line.

I know which pieces are the most popular, I know which ones are likely to sell first (although I am sometimes surprised on THAT one!! lol ).

And I know I want to start another painting this week and have a good idea what that will be.

So, I feel that I am getting there.

That things are where they ought to be, at this moment in time.

Its a waiting game, and whilst I’m waiting I am busy with work in progress.

And that’s it really.

Until yesterday, when I had an email asking me how much it would cost to send a painting of mine that I am trying to sell, to Indianapolis.


Things are happening, in the background. Someone’s noticed more than I thought, and that person apparently lives in Indianapolis…!

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