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Poised and waiting to paint peoples dreams

Twice I’ve been asked in the last day if I am working on a special painting by two different people at opposite ends of the country….

Interesting that they, who are not connected in any way to each other, should ask that. The first is someone I would love to paint a picture for, as I know that it will be most exciting in the way that I will be very involved in it. I know they are thinking about a painting done by me, and am intrigued as to what it will be of. The second is someone who lives in Scotland and I have painted a picture for before. He is planning his next pictures painted by me already and when he described them to me in a few simple words I could see them in my minds eye, and their concept of being at one with the beauty of nature touched me. Both will make stunning paintings. When he is ready. I wish it was now though, I’m fired up with those ideas!

But in the meantime I have been contacted by another guy who is interested in me doing some life drawing of him. Life drawing with possibly an erotic twist to one of them he said. He emailed me last night and again today to see if I had had his message. I had I emailed back and we started a conversation. The thing about this sort of conversation is that I am very used to them, and a lot of people I chat to aren’t. I HAVE to ask a lot of questions … what subject matter are we talking about? What composition? What medium? What size? What price? And within all of those questions are lots of other questions to do with logistics, time limits, budgets and previously thought of ideas, poses, and types of pencils!

No wonder he decided to ring me instead!

A nice guy, he was easy to chat to, and the ideas he had were all well within my expertise. wc 1 (2)

As we chatted I asked how he had heard of me and he said he had Googled “Local artists”. Since I was aware that he didn’t have the same accent as me, I was intrigued where he lived so that I came up as a local artist…………………


Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? How can I be LOCAL to Hertfordshire!????! I live in north west Leicestershire!!!!!!!


But then, I realised……………… that I used to be in the Guild of Erotic Artists……………………. and they used to have their base in Hertfordshire. That must be my connection to there! Weird eh! But still, it doesn’t really matter where he lives as I have done pictures for people all over the country…. and I know I came up as a local artist a couple of years ago to a woman who went to have a couple of lovely pieces of art done by me and she lived the other side of Stoke!


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