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Photographing, and sizing and collating

I’ve just realised it’s over a week since I last did a blog post!

The reason I haven’t done one recently is due to working to get artwork ready to sell online.

Its never just  a case of putting a painting on-line of course….

Because first it has to be painted to my exactingHome is where the heart is standards.

Then it has to be finished off by either the hanging fixings put on it if its on canvas, or put in a mount if its a watercolour.

Then it has to have a title, and the according price for it.

Then, I need to take at least three photos of it. In good light. From various angles.

Then I have to make a note of what medium it is, watercolour, acrylics, oils etc.

Then I have to measure it.

Then I have to work out the commission I will have to pay to the gallery who is selling it for me.

Then I have to work out the price of the postage if I sell it abroad. And that differs with different geographical areas.

Then when that is done, I have to write something about each one.

Then it can go be uploaded to the gallery.

But it has to be reviewed by the gallery. Refreshing the spiritThen it can go live.

Then I sit back and wait for a buyer………………………………..

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