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Filling the grey with light and laughter

With the hour changing last weekend I am reminded at how grey and dank the colder nights can be, especially when the lights have to go on at 4pm!  Even though I mowed my lawn on a very warm and sunny Tuesday, two days ago!!  Today is grey, wet, miserable, and forbidding.

I don’t like grey days, its difficult to get enthusiastic about painting when the daylight is so dark, its almost twilight.

Rain doesn’t help either. It just adds to the murk.

I think the human spirit is aware of that, and its why we latch onto bright spots in the middle of it to cheer us up.

Christmas, Bonfire Night, and Halloween are all bright shining spots to look forward to. Infact the fact there is darkness adds to it, the twinkling lights, open fires,  cold chilly nights, being outside at night, the sharing of special times with friends and family. They are all the fun part of winter. The human spirit loves the sharing of the good times.

So, for my friends who love Halloween, have fun!




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