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CHAT ing to Jeremy Kyle

Whilst supermarket shopping last week,before heading off to peruse the fresh vegetables I nipped around to the magazine section and picked up a particular magazine. I’m not a massive buyer of magazines unless its arty ones, but knew these were exceptional circumstances. I flicked through the pages and yep, there it was, the article I was looking for. I quickly read it then dropped the magazine into the trolley before getting the rest of my purchases and going home where I could have a better look at it …

I could see the article was near enough what I was expecting. I just wasn’t sure which photos would accompany it, but one in particular interested me.

Because not only was it my copyright photograph, it was also my artwork!

I knew the article was due in the magazine around now and rang Stuart Haywood to congratulate him. We discussed it and I smiled about how a simple thing had escalated into something like this.

But I presumed it would stop there. But it hasn’t.Stuart Chat magazine article 24-9-15

Stuart rang me this morning to tell me that ITV had been in touch with him and want him to go on one of their shows to discuss it…..

Oh really, I smiled. Which one?

Jeremy Kyle! He replied.

Bloody hell, really! Was my reaction. I wasn’t expecting that..!

Er, and will you do it? I tentatively asked…

He said he might, that the people doing the show would send a car, and take him and his wife up to Manchester and put them up in a hotel overnight and bring them back the next day.

And will you have to be naked? I asked.

I doubt it, he replied. Its just explaining about naturism to the people on the show…….Stuart Chat magazine close up 24-9-15


I am still amazed how this has snowballed through the media.

All Stuart wanted to do was enjoy his naturism that he’s embraced since I first did the nude drawings of him. From that, he has had naked holidays. And from that he has decided to re-new his wedding vows in the nude. And from that the Press Association have picked it up. And from that CHAT magazine have picked it up. And from that Jeremy Kyle has picked it up…..! Wow!

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