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Why today got changed

Today I was going to finish (all being well) the acrylic painting I’m currently working on, and am totally loving doing. But I realised first thing this morning, that something else that I was going to do tomorrow would actually be better done today. It wasn’t a big thing, it just meant it took a couple of hours out of the day, and I had planned to do it this morning and then work on the painting again this afternoon. But, whilst I was out in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, I decided to pop into the local charity book shop to see if they had any books I fancied reading…………….

Of course they did. Why would I think otherwise? 🙂

I picked up seven new (to me) books, five of them by authors I didn’t know. And came home about 2pm, had a very quick lunch and was ready to start on the painting.

And then realised that there was a small job that needed doing in the house. Only a small job, but it involved needing PVA glue to stick it, and was right in the main thoroughfare of the house on the floor in a doorway and not that it gets a load of traffic over it, it needed doing, and I knew that if I didn’t do it, it would get worse. As these jobs tend to do. And also it would get kicked by accident if I didn’t do it. Of course then, since it was glue, and the parts that needed sticking together weren’t lying flat together, it needed pressure to get it to stick properly. As I knelt over it, holding it down, I wracked my brains thinking of what was heavy enough to hold the parts together…….. nothing to start with……….. so the obvious thing was…………… me! After about twenty minutes of this, it was beginning to hold in most of the places but the ends, which is why it currently has two large and heavy bottles of cider sitting on it… as a reminder of not kicking it, and also to make sure the weight of them will make the pieces stick flat together. By then it was well after 4pm….

And I was ready to start painting.

But then I knew that I would have to stop within a couple of hours due to my man coming in around then.

You know what. Leave it. I told myself.

Leave it until you can do it properly tomorrow. Because when I can do it all in one go, with the right music playing for me, I can get into the flow of it. Lose myself in the whole painting, without any interruptions. And it will be far better for it. Because the painting takes over, the picture will look far better for it. I know that so well from past experiences.

So, tomorrow is now painting day.

And today? I am going to sit in the garden, in the late afternoon sunshine and read my book….. a new one purchased today… Devon and Wells 10Devon Wells 14

Just my sort of book. By Bernard Knight … a medieval murder mystery!

So I’ll show you some photos I took of Exeter Cathedral six years ago, since the book is set in this very place.

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