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He wanted to do it with an audience

I still haven’t been able to finish off the latest acrylic painting that I’m loving doing, due to losing a day at the beginning and end of the week for two very nice reasons, that aren’t really art related.

During the week I have been answering emails as and when they come in as usual.

Last nights email was a typical one for me, that tends to occur about every six weeks or so.

A request from a guy I don’t know and have never heard of who is interested in erotic art and wanted to offer his services to me as a model. The email is always very similar, although the guys are different every time (well I presume its not the same guy!) .

My reply tends to be something along the line of I would love to paint or draw them, but the only way its going to happen is by a commission, where they pay me to do the artwork, rather than me paying them for their modelling service (which is what the majority presume is going to happen!).

Then I sit back and wait for the response.

Usually its some reason as to why they don’t want to pay me to do the drawing.

But occasionally I get a positive response back, that they would love to commission me.

Yay, two people in artistic harmony!

As it was with the latest guy from last night. Yes, indeed he was happy to pay me to draw him, and we agreed a price, and the hours, and the likelihood of the pose, depending on what he looks like when I see him although he was very helpful in describing his age, physical shape and height. So I have an idea of what his body shape is and know that there won’t be any difficulty in whatever pose he wants doing.

When I asked how he’d heard of me, I got the generic reply of “on the internet” wondering exactly what that meant, or how, or through what means my name came up…

However, I declined his suggestion of me finding a female model to pose with him. For quite a few reasons. Firstly, I don’t know of any in real life who live close enough to me who would be able to do the pose he might want doing. Also, I don’t know who he is, and make presumptions that he’s a nice enough looking guy with the hygienic cleanliness that you would expect in most people. I wouldn’t suggest to any female model that they should pose with any guy I hadn’t met before. Plus, I wouldn’t ask any female model without knowing her first too. So, all in all, it was a no.

He seemed happy to accept that. Well at least he didn’t argue with me when I declined.

And then came his next suggestion.

That there might be a small audience, to watch. A female audience. Feel the need (2)

Okay, nice try, but that’s not going to be happening either!


How many women would really want to be sitting watching him being drawn?

Be honest, how many of you would?



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