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Finally we got it together

CuddleWhilst trying to get artwork commissions done as soon as I can so that the client can get the artwork as soon as possible, what I hadn’t expected in this case were the logistics of being able to arrange it.

But this weekend it was finally all arranged that we could meet up in a time and place that suited us both around busy schedules and the holiday season.

Finally the clients, and I, were both in the same place at the same time. And happily the sun shone on us too, which it certainly didn’t the last time I saw them.

The drawings were done in June from photos, and although are simple to look at, are quite subtle in their depiction. I know from doing these sort of white conte pencil on black card drawings many times in the past that they pick up the subtle nuances of light and dark, shadow and light, and hint softly at the interaction of people within them and what they are doing. I love doing them, and know how popular they are with other people too.

These two drawings are entitled “Caress” and “Cuddle” for obvious reasons, and show the love and affection between a couple who knew exactly what they wanted in the poses, and I could see how beautifully the poses would work for the drawings, creating interesting shapes and lines. They are erotic, loving, sensual, and sexy and the drawings are gorgeous either singly or together!

And what a lovely catch-up it was to see the couple again, two lovely people very at ease with each other, and meCaress.

So I’m happy. The clients are happy. And now the drawings have gone off to their rightful place to hang on the wall where they belong!

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